Rapoo MT750s Wireless Mouse

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Rapoo MT750S

Some things, the more often you use it, the easier it is to ignore it.

For example, the mouse, we seem to use it every day, but never felt it changed, or importance.

However, this does not mean that there is no difference between the mice.

So, what is a good mouse? What are the advantages of a good mouse?

Wireless mice have become more popular in recent years, so today we are evaluating a wireless mouse for everyone: the Rapoo MT750S.

Let’s take a look at why it is loved by users.

Rapoo MT750SDimensions: 8.1 x 5.4 x 2.2 in
Weight: 8 ounces
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB

1. Appearance and material

First we look at the packaging design of the Rapoo MT750S.

Its outer packaging is blue in color, and only the small part of the product introduction area is yellow.

Rapoo mt750s box

After opening the box, we found that in addition to the mouse, there is a micro-USB cable for wired use and charging, and a wireless receiver.

So, it can be used not only on common PC systems, but also on mobile phones and tablets.

Well, let’s take a look at this mouse structure.

In terms of its design, this is a mouse that is only suitable for right-handed users.

Its size is 24.2x85x49.5mm, which is very suitable for users with large palms.

In addition, the center of gravity of the MT750S is relatively backward, and the arched portion can be attached to the palm of the hand, which is quite comfortable to use.

Rapoo mt750s appearance

In order to further enhance the use of the feel, the MT750S uses a partition material configuration.

Its main key is made of ABS material, and the surface is treated with a skin-like coating. The hand feels delicate and comfortable.

The roller and DPI button parts are made of metal, which has been carefully polished to highlight the characteristics of the metal material.

Overall, the MT750S is very satisfying both in appearance and comfort.

2. Details and functions

If the beautiful appearance can make people feel good about it, then the details and functions are the main reason we finally choose it.

Rapoo MT750S is doing quite well in this regard!

First of all, the metal outer ring of the mouse wheel is polished, it is full of texture, and the experience is better.

Not only that, Rapoo also worked hard on the MT750S’s flank detailing system.

In order to improve the friction of the grip, the flank of the MT750S adopts a rhombic texture design, which can effectively improve the grip stability.

In short, in terms of touch and comfort, the MT750S is indeed worth buying, so what about the functionality?

Let’s take a look.

Behind the two DPI buttons on the flank of the mouse, Rapoo offers four-step adjustments to meet the consumer’s need to move the mouse at different resolutions.

At the same time, these two side buttons can be used to set functions according to different scenarios through the driver, which effectively improves the use efficiency.

And in some details, it makes people feel that Rapoo cares for users.

For example, its background light hints give you a clear idea of which device is currently connected.

Rapoo mt750s details and features

In addition, at the top of the mouse we can also find the mode switch button, which is convenient for users to switch between different wireless modes.

3. Testing with rapoo mt750s

Maybe you use the mouse to play the game or use it to work.

So is the MT750S capable of these tasks? Let us prove it with facts.

Daily office

For people like me with a large palm, the MT750S is really suitable.

If it is working for a long time, then it is one of the best wireless mice.

Whether it is feel or sensitivity, it can meet everyday office use.

Rapoo mt750s for office

Game experience

In general, the MT750S is not a professional gaming mouse.

It can’t cope with complicated and intense game scenes!

Whether it is in the comfort of the button, or some of the game professional combination keys, can not be compared with the gaming mouse.

But it’s very responsive, and it’s a good choice if you’re not playing FPS, a complicated game.

In addition, after the MT750S turns on the laser engine, the movement and positioning are more accurate, which improves the experience to some extent.

4. Rapoo mt750s Battery life

As long as it is a wireless device, battery life is undoubtedly a factor we need to consider.

In this regard, the MT750S is still doing quite well!

It has a built-in high-efficiency lithium battery that can be fully charged in three hours of charging.

If you only spend about 3 hours a day, it can last for about 30 days.

5. Summary

As the main peripheral tool, the mouse’s grip, ease of use and feel are valued by consumers.

The design of the Rapoo MT750S is clearly ergonomically treated, resulting in a noticeable improvement in hand feel, especially for friends with larger palms.

In addition, Rapoo has a clear match between hardware and drivers, making the MT750S experience a new level.

Overall, whether it is daily office or play games, it is a good choice.

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