Best Online Logo Makers

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Logo is a symbol of a website that makes it easier for customers to remember your website. Therefore, it is very important to design a high quality logo! In order to create an unforgettable logo, you need some of the best online generation tools. With a few short exercises, you can even design a unique […]

20 Luxury Watch Brands

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Not everything in this world is equal, such as luxury goods, and each of their products always receives more attention. If you think that luxury watches are just a simple accessory, then it is wrong! It is also a work of art that can be worn and appreciated. No matter what the occasion, luxury watches […]

10 Reasons To Upgrade To Win 10

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Perhaps many people have nostalgic complexes or are unwilling to try new things. Just like me, I still use the win7 system! Although the win10 system has been available for several years, many people are still accustomed to using the win7 system. Because they feel that there is no need to update the system. So, […]

6 ways to keep win10 safe

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Compared with the previous operating system, Win10 has done a particularly good job in system security! In particular, the addition of Windows Hello, represented by biometrics, makes it even more powerful. This is the main reason I recommend everyone to upgrade the system to win10 (10 Reasons To Upgrade To Win 10). So what security […]

Sound Quality Of Bluetooth 5.0

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After iphone7 removed the 3.5mm interface (read more), Bluetooth technology has developed rapidly. Now Bluetooth 5.0 technology has come out! So, does Bluetooth 5.0 really bring better sound quality? I don’t think so! If you want a headset with excellent sound quality, wired headphones are still the best choice. So, if you are looking forward […]

Disappearing 3.5mm audio interface

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Recently, I changed my iphone 6 to iphone 7, which was a happy thing, but there is a problem with it. The 3.5mm audio interface has disappeared! Apple actually put the headphone interface and data line interface into one. This makes me a little bit sorrowful. I didn’t like the headphones of the iphone, but […]

How to choose noise canceling headphones

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How to choose the noise canceling headphones? Some people may choose big brands directly, such as Bose, Sony, etc. Indeed, the quality of the noise reduction headphones of the big brands is really good. But they are not necessarily for you! Nowadays, the mainstream noise-reducing earphones are head-mounted and in-ear. In comparison, who will have […]

AirPods 1 VS AirPods 2

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In September 2016, Apple’s new product launch conference, along with the release of iPhone7/7P, the iPhone series officially opened the “no” headphone hole. At the same time, Apple gave the official solution for wireless headsets – the first generation of AirPods. Since the release, AirPods has been controversial! Even so, the good experience of a […]