Best Cpu Cooler

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Best Cpu Cooler

Maybe your current cpu cooler can’t meet your needs, but you don’t know which cpu cooler to buy.

Whether it’s an air cooler or a liquid cooler, it doesn’t matter, it keeps your PC cool and keeps your cpu working.

Even so, but not every one is willing to spend $100 or even a few hundred dollars for it. What should I do?

Do not worry! Here we have a solution for you, we offer you the option of less than $100, and some even below $50.

Also, don’t be afraid if you are not familiar with certain terms, as we will introduce them later, but first let’s take a quick look at each of our CPU cooler options.

5 Best Cpu Coolers of 2021:

Noctua NH-D159.25 x 11 x 7.5 in2.87 lbs
Cooler Master Hyper LED CPU Cooler4.7 x 3 x 6.3 in1.66 lbs
Cryorig R1 Ultimate5.5 x 5.6 x 6.6 in2.83 lbs
Corsair Hydro Series H115i14.21 x 7.56 x 6.65 in4.94 lbs
BK022 Dark Rock Pro 45.3 x 5.7 x 64.1 in3.75 lbs

1. Noctua NH-D15

Noctua NH-D15

If you’re looking for a CPU cooler with the same or nearly equivalent performance as a liquid cooler, there is no better choice than the Noctua NH-D15.

Although its appearance is not that gorgeous, its six copper heat pipes and two 140 mm fans provide amazing airflow.

Noctua NH-D15 is based primarily on the NH-D14 cooler. The chiller features two large aluminum chillers and a fresh design that provides excellent air cooling.

When we talk about the quietness of work, even at full capacity, this great hardware outperforms most competitors.

In addition, it offers a 6-year warranty and quality construction, and Noctua is well known to everyone around the world.

Pros /Cons
  • Very quiet
  • Good heat dissipation
  • 6 year warranty
  • A bit heavy

2. Cooler Master Hyper LED CPU Cooler

Cooler Master Hyper LED CPU Cooler

The Cooler Master Hyper LED CPU cooler is equipped with LED lights and a heat pipe that looks stylish.

It measures 4.7 x 4.7 inches and is suitable for most PCs. And there are several ways to customize the CPU cooler.

This is an efficient cooler with four direct contact pipes that accelerate surface temperature cooling.

The cooler’s fans are also different from typical products in the price range. It is made from unique wavy blades for better airflow.

In addition, it can accommodate another 120mm additional cooler for more sophisticated games or software.

Most importantly, its price is very cheap, below $50.

Pros /Cons
  • Affordable
  • Unique 4-tube cooling design
  • Reliable quality
  • Not easy to install

3. Cryorig R1 Ultimate


The R1 Ultimate, which costs less than $100, is very large and heavy, but it is also an excellent cooler.

Whether your cpu is Intel or AMD, it has a 140mm fan, 6mm heat pipe and a sleek black look.

There are a lot of bulky coolers on the market, some of which are problematic or not suitable for your CPU, but R1 Ultimate is one of the best options.

So if you’re looking for something that keeps your system cool and you don’t mind having a bulky cooler, Cryorig R1 Ultimate will be a good choice.

Pros /Cons
  • Compact design
  • Minimum coolant evaporation
  • Large diameter pipe
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Bulky

4. Corsair Hydro Series H115i

Corsair Hydro Series H115i

If you don’t like air coolers, this liquid cooler is a good choice.

It is equipped with a 280mm cooler and is equipped with dual 140mm ML (Maglev) PWM fans for powerful performance but very quiet.

The CORSAIR Hydro Series H115i is easy to install and fully compatible with Corsairs LINK software, and can be easily set up and almost completely muted when the fan speed is set between 600 and 900 RPM.

But it only supports AMD sockets. If your cpu is Intel or another brand, you can choose another product.

Fortunately, its price is cheap enough. In this price range, it is definitely one of the best liquid coolers.

Pros /Cons
  • No noise
  • Easy to install
  • Great price
  • Only supports AMD

5. BK022 Dark Rock Pro 4

BK022 Dark Rock Pro 4

If you hate the noise from the cooler fan, the BK022 Dark Rock Pro 4 is a reasonable choice.

The cooler is easy to install and comes with two Silent Wings PWM fans (one 120mm and one 135mm) with a maximum speed of 1200RPM and almost no sound from the fan during operation.

It also has seven heat pipes made of copper for top-level heat dissipation and a three-year warranty.

In addition, its wavy fins are unique, and the small dots on the surface of the fins create an ergonomic design.

Overall, the BK021 Dark Rock 4 CPU is a reliable CPU cooler and costs less than $100.

Pros /Cons
  • Quiet
  • Built-in six heat pipes
  • Single fan design
  • Power cord is short

Buyer’s Guide (Best CPU Cooler)

Finding the cheapest CPU cooler with so many great designs is not always easy. In addition, the design and compatibility of each model is different.

Therefore, you need to consider the following information when you purchase.

CPU Cooler Types

In short, there are currently two types of CPU coolers: air CPU coolers and liquid CPU coolers. There are several other techniques for cooling, but at this time they are not suitable for the mass market.

The air cooler we use most often is cheaper and more compatible.

Although the cost is higher, the liquid cooler is superior in noise control and cooling effects.

Size of CPU Cooler

The size of the cooler is one of the most pressing issues. Consumers who purchase CPU coolers tend to ignore their size and ultimately fail to install.

Typical coolers range from 120 mm to 140 mm and you need to choose different sizes of coolers depending on your cpu.

Intel vs. AMD

Most coolers can run on Intel and AMD chipsets.

However, there are exceptions. So you need to make sure the parts on the cooler are compatible with your PC.

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