10 Reasons To Upgrade To Win 10

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Upgrade To Win 10

Perhaps many people have nostalgic complexes or are unwilling to try new things.

Just like me, I still use the win7 system!

Although the win10 system has been available for several years, many people are still accustomed to using the win7 system.

Because they feel that there is no need to update the system.

So, is it really unnecessary to upgrade to win 10?

Recently, I bought a new laptop. After using it for a while, I feel that the win10 system is really better, especially in the game field.

So, I decided to upgrade my desktop computer to win10 system.

Why do I need to upgrade my system to win10?

1. Better performance

Although the performance of Win8/8.1 is already good, the change of Win10 is still expected.

The first is that when booting, Win10 is significantly shorter than the previous operating system at boot time. With various hardware acceleration modules, there will be obvious performance improvement when performing tasks such as navigation and games.

Secondly, power management is also stronger, which greatly extends the overall endurance of its equipment.

2. Low hardware requirements

Many people think that win10 will have higher hardware requirements, but this is not the case!

It has a CPU of 1GHz and 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit) memory. In addition, the graphics card has a WDDM-driven DirectX9 graphics device with a display of 1024×600.

Generally speaking, as long as your computer can run XP, then installing Win10 is definitely no problem.

3. More secure

Whenever possible, computer system security measures are necessary.

We don’t want to lose important data, and we don’t want computers to be hacked!

Win10 is doing a better job in system security, and can more effectively identify virus intrusions, or hackers.

In addition, it provides users with a more secure user experience.

For example, you can use a high-precision 3D camera to implement a new system login mode such as face scanning.

In addition, fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are also integrated into the system login process to provide users with a safer environment.

4. Voice Desktop Assistant


On mobile devices, voice assistants are everywhere, such as Apple’s “siri.”

But on the desktop, we have never seen a voice assistant!

Win10 has added a new voice assistant module, which is what we often call “Contana.”

Simply put, we can hand over the work that we needed to do manually to Contana, so that we can free ourselves from the tedious daily operations.

Or you can tell Contana what you are interested in and she will let you know on time.

5. The interface is more convenient

If the most intuitive change after upgrading the system, I think the interface is more convenient and concise.

For example, you can find a traditional start menu similar to Win7 here, as well as a new calculator, small alarm clock, etc. that are more suitable for touch screen mode.

The most important thing is that the modern application that has been widely criticized has also been greatly improved, retaining the original style of the Modern APP, and taking into account the user experience of the mouse and the touch screen.

6. Edge Browser

Edge browser

Whether it is win7 or win8, they are all installed IE browser, but we prefer to use Chrome browser now.

So, this update, Windows no longer uses IE browser, but uses the latest Edge browser.

It uses a new rendering engine that gives it a significant increase in overall memory usage and browsing speed.

From the test results, the new Edge browser in Javascript, code redundancy far exceeds the current Chrome browser.

Most critically, the Win10 Edge browser also provides better support for mobile devices, enabling mobile users to get a similar experience to PCs.

7. Better gaming experience

I have to say that some hardware no longer supports win7, especially in the game field.

Win10 provides gamers with a more enjoyable gaming experience. One of the biggest improvements is the latest version of DirectX 12 built into it.

Although Win7 is recognized as a robust and reliable gaming platform, Win10 may be able to take it all the way to the next level.

8. Cross-platform applications

We often encounter such problems, a software can run perfectly on the PC, but there is a problem on the mobile.

Therefore, we have to install two different versions when we use it, which is very troublesome!

However, win10 solves our problems!

It is the first cross-platform operating system in Microsoft history to share the same Windows app store between PCs, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles.

Not only has the user experience been improved, but the most important thing is to save a lot of developer’s energy and to achieve data sharing.

9. Adaptive with the tablet

What if you are not used to switching between the mouse and keyboard and the touch screen?

In Win 10, an adaptive mode called Continuum might give you an answer.

For example, when you plug in the keyboard for your tablet, Win10 will automatically detect this change and prompt you to enter the mouse and keyboard mode.

In fact, this mode is the most common in our day, including the traditional start menu, window desktop layout and so on.

10. Free Office software

Free Office software

If I want to tell you that Office can be used free of charge in Win10, what do you think?

Of course, this is not the Office suite that we usually use. In fact, I personally prefer to call it the Office Lite.

But even if it’s a short version, it’s okay to satisfy most people’s daily use.

As many people have said, 90% use only 20% of the features, right?


In fact, these features can only be regarded as the tip of the iceberg in Win10, and there are many details that are not mentioned in the article.

As a new operating system, in addition to bringing us a new operating experience, the biggest change in Windows 10 is the use of mouse and keyboard users.

Of course, Win10 is not completely flawless, but compared to these highlights, don’t you want to give it a try?

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